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Thank you for your interest in the Legislative Tracking Service. This service allows you to track up to 5 bills in one "profile." If your legislative tracking needs require additional profiles or the capacity to track additional bills, you must become a Lobbyist-In-A-Box, LIAB, subscriber. For more information about becoming a Lobbyist-In-A-Box subscriber, visit the LIAB information page.

To access the Legislative Tracking Service, please complete the registration form below. All fields are required. Please enter only alpha-numeric characters in the fields (no symbols). Your password must be a minimum of five (5) characters. Current strength requires at least one letter be upper case and one lower case. Create a password that will be easy for you to remember, but it should not be easily guessed by others.

If you have registered but have forgotton your password, please contact Virginia Interactive: 804-318-4133 or customerservice@virginiainteractive.org

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