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DMV – Private Investigator and Compliance Agent Assistance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I Log in to Virgnia Interactive (VI)?

  • As a subscriber, you received a package of information listing your user id, 7-digit pin and instructions to obtain records online. Please keep this paperwork for future reference. 
  • When you get to the Online Records Access screen, click OK if you are a subscriber, and your login screen will appear.
  • For username, type in the username provided to you by VI.  Please note, that the username is case sensitive.  If your username automatically appears in the screen, you must delete it and manually type it in every time you access the service.
  • Press "Tab" to proceed to the next line.
  • Type in your 7-digit pin followed by the numbers on your secure token device.

Once I have Logged in to Virginia Interactive, Which DCJS ID and Pin are you Asking for? Business?

You are required to enter your INDIVIDUAL (NOT BUSINESS) DCJS Identification number and the 7-digit PIN number that accompanies your individual DCJS identification number.

The layout is XXNNXXNN where the X's are characters and the N’s are numbers. One major thing to keep in mind is that the XX’s and NN’s are grouped. There are cases where the groups of NN are just a single number. In the same respect, there are groups of XX’s that are just a single character.

Here are some examples of DCJS Pin numbers: 

  • p5gj21
  • l13ir22
  • o35ro13
  • s33xu9 

Description of Fields

  • DCJS PIN: This is the DCJS assigned pin for the individuals 99 number.
  • Client Name: This is the name of you client.
  • Case Number: This is the case number for your client’s case.
  • Reason: A textual field for the reason you’re pulling this record. For example: Insurance Investigation.
  • Date of Accident: This is the date of the accident. Format for the date is MM/DD/YYYY.
  • Site Date: The date the vehicle was seen and the plate number recorded. Format for the date is MM/DD/YYYY
  • Fraudulent Date: This is the date of the fraudulent activity. Format of the date is MM/DD/YYYY.
  • Judgment Date: The date of the judgment. Format of the date is MM/DD/YYYY.
  • Driver Number: Virginia’s DMV’s customer number also known as the DMV driver number. Do not add any spaces or dashes when keying this number in. This number may be the SSN of the individual you are requesting all vehicle information for.
  • Last: Last name of individual with the associated driver number.
  • First: First name of the individual with the associated driver number.
  • Middle Initial: Middle initial of the individual with the associated driver number. This field is optional.
  • Address: Address of the individual with the associated driver number.
  • City: City of the individual with the associated driver number.
  • State: The state in which the associated individual lives.
  • ZIP: Zip code of the address where the associated individual lives.
  • Active vehicles: Those vehicle records that are currently registered through DMV to this individual.  Please note, these records may contain those vehicles that are registered but may not be tagged.
  • Inactive vehicles: Those vehicles that have been registered to this individual through DMV.
  • Make: Make of the vehicle in question
    Plate: Plate number on the vehicle in question. Do not add any spaces or dashes in this number. For example, YEM 5418 will be keyed in as YEM5418.
  • VIN: VIN number of the vehicle you’re trying to get information on.

Private Investigators Have Access to the Following Screens

In order to obtain your information online, you will be required to enter information in the highlighted areas.  

  • Domestic/Civil (DMCVPIOV) Screen
  • Insurance Fraud Investigation (INSIMVR) Screen
  • Remedy (REMDYDLR) Screen
  • Repossession Vehicle (REPOMVR) Screen

To reset your Virginia Interactive pin please contact customer service at 804-318-4133. 
To reset your DCJS pin please contact 804-786-7534.


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