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About Virginia Interactive

Virginia Interactive, LLC (VI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of NIC and signed its original contract with the Commonwealth of Virginia in September 1997. NIC has been in business since 1992 and currently has engagements in 29 states. For nearly 16 years, it has been VI’s privilege to develop, build and operate in the Commonwealth and deliver award winning essential eGovernment information and services to the businesses and citizens.

VI is part of the NIC family of companies and NIC is the nation’s leading provider of eGovernment services that help governments use technology to reduce costs and provide a higher level of service to businesses and citizens. eGovernment is not just a vertical or line of business for NIC – serving government is our only business, and the state and local governments we support recognize the benefits of aligning with a specialist, not a generalist. As eGovernment experts, our solutions are specifically tailored to meet the needs of every state partner instead of providing off-the-shelf solutions built for the private sector that require extensive customization for government. Our business units are designed to provide constituents with user‑friendly and convenient access to in-demand government information and services.


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