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Did You Know

  • The VI Payment Portal is used by more than 320 government courts, agencies and localities.

  • In 2011, VI processed over 1.2 million credit card and ACH transactions totaling over $146 million in gross revenue for our agencies and localities.

  • The VI Payment Portal offers multiple payment options for localities and agencies – from enterprise solutions to custom development to web services.

  • VI won two Governor Technology Awards in 2011 for the Hunt Fish VA and Virginia Grown mobile applications.

  • The Master the Math mobile application won first place in the 2012 Digital Education Achievement Awards (DEAA) and Best of the Web Awards (BOW) Digital Application/Project category.

  • In the first week after launching $4Kids, the cutting edge electronic child support payment service, over 1,600 child support payments totaling over $320,000 were processed.

  • Within two days of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s (ARRA) Energy Rebate’s service’s launch, over 1,800 energy projects were submitted reserving over $6,000,000 in rebates to Virginia citizens.

  • In 2011, over 129,000 Virginia hunting and fishing licenses were sold online.

  • The Pass the Past educational mobile application currently averages 43 downloads per day and has been downloaded over 2,000 times.

  • The Virginia Grown mobile application for Windows Phone 7 is one of the first of its kind in the Nation to provide the location of local farm-fresh products on a consumer’s smart phone.

  • There are currently over 2,000 Virginia automobile dealers using VI’s Print on Demand Service to issue 30-day temporary tags.

  • Virginia Interactive has managed from 1998 through 2012 – winning first place in Best of the Web twice and placing as a finalist every year eligible to compete.

  • Using Virginia Interactive’s payment services, Stafford County saves citizens and staff time. On a high volume day, over 350 transactions can be processed.

  • In 2011, VI processed over 1.2 million credit card and ACH transactions totaling over $146,000,000 in gross revenue for our agencies and localities.

  • Virginia Interactive’s traditional business model is based on “self-funding” whereby VI becomes a major stakeholder in every project. Success relies on the timely completion of efficient, highly used solutions.

  • Virginia Interactive’s commitment to security includes passing auditing requirements for SAS 70, SOX, PCI-DSS and CyberTrust.

  • In 2011, the portal attracted over 3 million unique visitors, over 270,000 per month.

  • Virginia Interactive has been a key partner to several Virginia government entities to promote recovery and transparency – through applications such as (Ideas Submission), and ARRA Energy Rebates.

  • Within the first two weeks of the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ launch of the Fire Safe Cigarette over cigarette styles were registered.

  • Within two days of the ARRA Energy Rebate’s service’s launch, over 1800 energy projects were submitted reserving over $6,000,000 in rebates to Virginia citizens.

What our partners say about us:

  • Kudos! $4kids Project – “Thanks to all!! Something this good does not just 'fall together'. Everyone worked very hard and it shows in the product. My sincerest appreciation!”

  • Kudos! “I wanted to take a moment to compliment your team on its excellent support for our new site. VI has been so fantastic— creative, open to our ideas, and so responsive. Whether it’s a long-range idea or last minute request, they’ve hit it out of the park for us. Our new design is fresh and energizing, the navigation is a snap….we’re very happy with all of it. With the budget situation as it is, there’s an extra level of oversight and caution with any creative project. The customer service we’ve received and excellent end-product has made the redesign well worth the investment.”

  • Kudos! Over the past decade, Virginia Tourism Corporation (VTC) has engaged VI for a variety of web based solutions and services, creating a strong, mutually beneficially partnership. Most recently, this relationship has resulted in a collaborative implementation of an online reservation system for (Virginia is for Lovers). Throughout VTC’s partnership with VI, we have valued their commitment to quality and bringing automated solutions to the Commonwealth of Virginia and the tourism industry.

  • Kudos! “Today’s students have grown up with technology and handheld mobile devices. We’re pleased the first iPhone application on is to help students learn.”

  • Kudos! “PODs (Print on Demand Temporary Tag Service) is working very well for us. Since May (2010), we have issued over 1,500 tags online."



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