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Our Services

VI has built more than 150 state a­nd local government web sites and developed more than 140 unique interactive online services used by more than 320 government entities. Furthermore, VI provides services to many local government entities.

Through the course of its partnership with the Commonwealth, VI has delivered continuous technology refreshes and introduced scores of new technology in the areas of CMS, GIS, customer service and payment processing. VI and the Commonwealth have partnered to deliver several “firsts” in state government, including:

  • Offering a personalized and totally customizable government portal web site
  • Deploying “Get and Share” widgets, mini-applications capable of pollination across social networks
  • Providing real-time election results for all precincts, voter registration verification and polling place look-up
  • Deploying mobile services such as real-time election results and legislative tracking in
  • Creating a wireless mobile government portal
  • Launching an “e-Communities” initiative integrating state, local, and community online resources
  • Offering a free legislative tracking service for citizens that includes e-mail notification
  • Deploying a robust, award winning energy rebate system for ARRA driven funding Providing real-time, online customer assistance via the Commonwealth portal's Live Help feature


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