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Getting Started with a Project

Once a government entity has expressed an interest in developing a web presence or online service, an assigned Virginia Interactive Project Manager meets with the partner to identify the project's high-level objectives and requirements.

Application Development

Upon hearing about a web-based application opportunity, the Virginia Interactive Project Manager works with the partner to create a proposal that defines the project’s goals, business case and scope. After the proposal is accepted by the partner, a State of Work (SOW) is created. Once the SOW is signed by the project stakeholders, a team with necessary qualifications is selected and a project plan with a timeline is created. Then the project team creates a static prototype of the application and, in some cases, the Project Manager and Application Developers will write a Detail Design document. Upon approval of the prototype and/or Detail Design document, the Virginia Interactive Application Developers begin building the application. Once the completed application has undergone thorough internal and user acceptance testing, the online service is launched.

Web Design

Once the goals and objectives for the site have been determined, the Creative Content Team helps determine the most effective structure and design by discussing information architecture and usability principles with partner staff. The Creative Team also recommends color schemes, designing logos and developing prototypes consistent with the Commonwealth’s Policies, Standards and Guidelines (PSGs). Once a design has been finalized, our staff builds the site using content provided by the partner's staff. If agreed upon, Virginia Interactive can also assist in content writing. After receiving approval of the final site, the new web design is launched.

For more information about Virginia Interactive services, contact Travis Sarkees via email or (804) 786-1855.

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