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An Online Clean Up For Hampton Roads Sanitation District

The Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD) serves over 1.7 million people across the Middle Peninsula and Hampton Roads area of Virginia, with 249 million gallons of water per day flowing through their network. Created in 1940, HRSD prides itself on protecting public health, and the waters of Hampton Roads, through effective wastewater treatment.

The messaging on an outdated HRSD website was not providing a clear directive that their important mission lies in treating water and water alone. To address this, they brought Virginia Interactive on board to compose a fully redesigned website that brings a tide of modern design features to the end user - and a fresh, clean message focused on the organization's water conservation and environmental efforts.

At the request of HRSD, a prime consideration for the project was to focus on the future, but to reference the past. With this in mind, a new online presence now serves as a portal to a wide array of online services, provides a platform for communicating news and events, and serves as a repository for media, important documents, and educational information. The new site features a complete graphic redesign, plus refined site architecture for improved navigation.

The website plan strives to provide customers and partners of HRSD with an intuitive and informative website with an impactful message. Emphasis has been placed on clarity and keeping the mission of HRSD on the surface.

The old website's structure has been overhauled to maximize the ability for users to find what they are looking for by prioritizing information, while providing an experience that is consistent, logical, and intuitive.

Color scheme and logos were retained for congruency, and a modern approach was taken to ensure engagement and utility. With mobile devices in mind, responsive design has been incorporated to ensure a satisfying user experience on any device. The site has the ability to resize and stack navigation, content, and images seamlessly across all modern desktop, tablet, and smartphone devices.

With HRSD covering a large geographic area, maps are a vital aid for navigating location specific information. Mapping tools are incorporated in the design, along with designated areas for displaying emergency alerts and notifications.

With a strong focus on modernization and online services, a refreshing result has been achieved. The mission of Hampton Roads Sanitation District flows cleanly through its web presence and carries a suite of features to empower the end user. With Virginia Interactive at the helm, HRSD is now in crystal clear waters for displaying its strengths to users.


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