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Virginia State Bar offers new Referral Service

Through the Virginia Lawyer Referral Service (VLRS), the Virginia State Bar allows citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia to connect with a lawyer in good standing who can provide legal consultation for up to 30 minutes. People using the service then have the ability to make more informed decisions about whether and where to hire legal counsel.

A brand new website, designed and executed by Virginia Interactive, has brought VLRS online for the first time in its history. Prior to the website, registering for VLRS services had been executed by hand. Without an electronic process, checks and forms had to be sent via mail, with all payments processed manually. Now, thanks to their partnership with Virginia Interactive, VLRS has its first-ever web presence, along with the capability for electronic processing of information.

There is a flat fee of $35.00 for all consultations, and the assistance is available to users over the age of 18.

With the new website, users can quickly gain access to the functions of VLRS with a straightforward platform for entering personal information. The newly developed electronic payment processing allows for faster access to services for the consumer.

Back end functionality eases burdens on VLRS by removing paper processes, and providing access to a dashboard, which enables the management of user permissions.

With the entire process now available online, the services of VLRS are not only more efficient, they are now in reach for anyone in the Commonwealth of Virginia with internet access.

The new website is currently live, and available to the public:


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