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Women In Innovation

A Fully Customized Event Registration Solution for Virginia's First Women in Innovation Conference


Fast Facts

  • Two months stand up time for a fully custom event registration
  • ACH and credit card payments for attendees and sponsors to register for event
  • Winner of a 2019 Gold dotCOMM award

The Virginia Information Technology Agency (VITA) launched the VITA Innovation Program (VIP) in July of 2016 to foster innovation that supports the Commonwealth of Virginia by reducing cost and risk, increasing efficiency, and producing inventive methods of daily operations.

To elevate female innovators in Virginia, highlight their achievements, and celebratetheir successes, the VIP team created the Women in Innovation Conference, held on September 12, 2019. The event was designed expressly as a platform for influential women to discuss how they have elevated their communities with impactful leadership. Featuring exciting topics from a huge array of speakers, and held in the historic Bolling Haxall House in Richmond, VA, the Women in Innovation Conference was the first-ever occasion of its kind for the state of Virginia.

VIP contacted Virginia Interactive (VI) in early April of 2019 for help – and with the event only a few months away, they needed it fast.

VIP required a solution for allowing sponsors and attendees to register for the event,with one-time payments for both ACH and all major credit cards. Furthermore, the style and experience of the payment solution needed to match the website for the event. Working closely with the VIP group, Virginia Interactive was able to build a solution to perfectly meet VIP's needs for form and function.

Using a completely customizable enterprise solution, the requirements of the VITA VIP group were met within two months.

The event registration solution built by Virginia Interactive went on to win a Gold award in the 2019 dotCOMM awards, an international competition honoring excellence in web creativity and digital communication.

Most importantly, VIP's Women in Innovation conference sold out in just a matter of days, and was attended by distinguished guests, including the First Lady of Virginia, Pamela Northam. The occasion was so successful that VIP is already planning a follow up event in March of 2020, with event registration once again managed by Virginia Interactive.




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